Victorian Boomerang Throwing Association

The Victorian Boomerang Throwing Association was formed in 1981, and is an affiliate club of the Boomerang Association of Australia.

Victoria is, in fact, where the national club started back in the late 1960s, and is and has been home to many stars with the magical returning stick. These include Rob Croll (ten-time Australian champion and two-time World Champion) as well as Australian Boomerang Coach Bruce Carter and his record-breaking sons Craig and Trent. Other influential throwers have been the Maxwell brothers, Morris and Dennis, while the memory of past legends, such as Bernard "Bunny" Read, are maintained by following generations, including his daughter Leanne Loveland at Wycheproof Boomerangs.

The VBTA hold boomerang demonstrations (including at the International Air Show held at Avalon Airport), competitions, and "Fun Days" throughout Victoria, particularly in Melbourne, Axedale (near Bendigo) and the Gippsland region. These events have included Australian Boomerang Championships, and in 2000, the Boomerang World Cup. These will generally be listed on the Boomerang Association of Australia events page.

To learn how to throw, buy a boomerang, arrange a demonstration, or just ask a question, please send us a message using the form below.

President: Paul Heaton-Harris
Vice-President: Leanne Loveland
Treasurer: David J Richardson
Secretary: Bruce Carter
Public Officer: Kay Carter

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